Elf Only Inn is a comic about Internet roleplaying chatrooms, where all the screen names are "characters" interacting in a fantasy world.  It's like a regular chatroom where everyone is out to get cybersexed, but with elves. Only, there really aren't very many elves in Elf Only Inn. Or, for that matter, any real roleplaying.

Many of these roleplaying rooms are "fantasy only" settings full of AD&D nerds enthusiasts.  And the fantasy setting is largely ignored by other people who also want to roleplay Jedis every time a new Star Wars movie is released.

...And then there are those that can't decide and make their characters "half-elven half-cyborg wiccan Jedi priestesses with runic lightsabers".

Who are also vampires.

And look like Sarah Michelle Geller.

If that doesn't make you laugh, it probably makes you cry.

So instead of being a comic about elves and demons and vulcans, it's a comic about people pretending to be elves and demons and vulcans.  Duke, Megan, Woot, Nimoy and the other cast members all interact in the make-believe world of Elf Only Inn, which they access from their computers across the country.  They've never met, but their relationships are real.  Or, in some cases, "real ****ed up".  Typically, the story never goes outside the chatroom, but there will be a few references to the "real world" and the "real lives" of the people who are otherwise known only by their online alter egos.  

And, since Elf Only Inn is a chat room run by an anally retentive moderator, all foul language is blocked out with asterisks.  If anything, that encourages everyone else to curse like a a bunch of dirty ****** ****ing sailors, secure in the knowledge that their potty mouths will not encourage innocent children to play Grand Theft Auto.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)  Where is the Elf Only Inn chatroom/forum?

There isn't one, nor is it based off of any specific chat room.  It's just a comic, and none of the characters are based on specific people.

As of right now I have no intention of maintaining an EOI forum for the comic, either.  That's subject to change, but it's not high on my list of things to do.

2)  You should do a comic about . . .

"Thank you, I value your feedback"

3)  No, really, you should do a comic about this, and you should put my character into it!  How do I join Elf Only Inn n-e-way?


4)  What chatroom do you roleplay in?

I haven't been roleplaying in a chatroom in a very long time, and the only person I want to chat with now lives with me.  Drawing Elf Only Inn is mostly a bit of fond nostalgia for me.

5)  Can I use your art or characters?

You may use the art on this site for Livejournal icons or custom Elf Only Inn banners, and if you want to include any of the EOI cast as a cameo in your own comic that's fine with me; just let me know so I can see.  Anything else requires my permission.  Don't be a stealer!

And as for the characters themselves, don't be the person who roleplays as a fictional roleplayer.  That's kinda sad.
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