Real name: James
Age: Thirty something
Character: Vulcan (but not a very good one)

Nimoy is a Trekkie playing a Vulcan character.  But he isn't actually a very good Trekkie, though.  He can't go to the Star Trek chat rooms because he can't keep up with their lingo, and hot naked Klingon women scare him.  The other Vulcans think he doesn't behave properly.  In fact, deep down he is afraid that he really isn't a Vulcan at all because he likes girls. 

Keeping this terrible secret to himself he came to Elf Only Inn, where Lord Elf mistook him for another elf and greeted him with open arms.  It didn't take long before Nimoy failed to live up to Lord Elf's expectations, but the stoic and sarcastic Vulcan hung around after befriending the less intellectual but equally out of place Duke Commando.  Where Nimoy was ostracized by other Vulcan roleplayers for having too much of a personality, he seems completely subdued around his new friends.

Nimoy continues to pass himself off as an elf, barely, because he wears robes instead of a Star Fleet uniform.