Lady Sunset Autumn Honey Purity Sunflower Rainbow

Lady Sunset Autumn Honey Purity Sunflower Rainbow (hereafter referred to as "M'lady") is a star elf vampire, but only half, which means she can still act like a normal person and only drinks blood if there are other vampires around and she wants to fit in.  She can also still have babies and go out in the day time, oh, and did I mention she can still have babies?  She's borne a child for every character in Elf Only Inn, male and female alike.  Even with people she hasn't "interacted" with. 

No one knows what she's really like because she doesn't talk very much, or very well.  But that does not take away M'lady's charm, and neither does the fact that her name is excruciatingly long and forgettable.  Even though she runs around the Inn in her underwear, no one has the heart to dislike her because she's so enthuastically sweet and friendly. 

Lord Elf considers her to be his girlfriend because she's the only one nice enough to spend any time with him, but "commitment" isn't a word in her vocabulary.