Lord Wootsayediditagyn
Age: Late twenties
Character: Eternal Sweeper

Lord Woot is a powerful demongod, one of the ancient and omnipotent "Eternal Sweepers" from the "Ryftwyrld RPG" (page 60 of the first edition... later editions corrected a certain typo).  He carries a broom with him everywhere and he has an open fascination with Britney Spears.

Woot started out online in the Daemon Citadel chatroom, where he was generally ignored by the other demons who didn't find his antics amusing.  It wasn't until Duke and Nimoy brought him to Elf Only Inn that anyone took his character even remotely seriously, if only to make him the "official janitor".  Even though he has more fun clowning around as a silly monster, Woot  occasionally tries to shed the ridiculous side of his character but he has a hard time getting results even though he has 60,000 hit points.  So far, the only victory to his name was defeating the Lord of Dorkness, which didn't turn out as glorious as he thought it would be.

He and Megan struck up an online relationship with the intention of causing trouble for everyone else, but they grew sincerely fond of each other.  Unfortunately their relationship ended shortly after Megan went to visit him in real life, and he still nurses some feelings for her behind the scenes.