SysOp,  Generic Users and NPCs
SysOp is the mysterious person responsible for creating and maintaining the chat service that hosts Elf Only Inn.  Little is known about him, other than that he is higher up the chain of command than Lord Elf is and he could care less about EOI or its demanding and obnoxious host.  Fortunately for the denziens of the Inn, SysOp is far more likely to undermine Lord Elf's authority by reinstating any handles that Lord Elf bans than he is to ever boot them all off of his server.
The Generic Users are the populace of the mundane chatrooms that SysOp runs.  They tend to keep to themselves, discussing pressing issues like Anna Nicole Smith and Macaroni and Cheese, but occasionally they wander into EOI and call everyone a bunch of D&D nerds for pretending to be elves and monsters.  After that, they run back to their giggling friends and resume pretending to be people who are far more important, intelligent and attractive than they really are.  Then they might watch American Idol.

NPCs, the Non-Player Characters, are the greatest inexhaustible natural resource of any fantasy community.  Why, if it wasn't for the invisible NPCs, who would vampires, demons and wannabe bad guys have to eat, maim and/or kill?  They are the background extras, the faceless milling crowd, called upon occasionally to play minor roles or serve drinks.  The Lord of Dorkness is so incredibly powerful that he has to prey exclusively on NPCs because he's just too tough for real characters.
Because these characters either lack the intelligence or inclination to describe themselves or upload pictures, they are all displayed as generic male and female icons.