Lord Elf
Real Name: Jason
Age: Twenty-something
Character: Noble Lord of Lothlorein
Other characters: The Blue Wizard of Forestdale

Lord Elf is the host of Elf Only Inn, a responsibility given to him for his level-headed disposition and his ability to inspire friendship and community in all those he interacts with because no one else wanted to do it.

Lord Elf claims to have been roleplaying online since Al Gore invented the internet.  Because he was unhappy with every room he ever visited, he decided to make his OWN room and his OWN rules, and thus Elf Only Inn was born. Unfortunately, he's still unhappy with everything.  This is probably because he is a twisted, evil little troll of a man with no humanity within his shriveled, blacked lump of a heart.

Lord Elf is relentlessly negative about everything.  He has no friends, and he doesn't want them.  He will bestow favors on anyone who satisfies his ego, though. The only time he's ever good for anything is when he happens to be faced with something or someone worse than himself, in which case he might end up attacking someone who deserves it.  But more often than not, if something actually presents a threat to the Elf Only Inn community, Lord Elf will end up encouraging it.