The Lord of Dorkness
Age: Late teens

When the Lord of Dorkness signed up and created his profile, he accidentally typed "Dorkness" instead of "Darkness".  This is the only reason that he was able to register his profile, due to the fact that every other possible way to refer to the devil had already been taken by his predecessors.  On any given chat system, at any given time, in any given room, there are at least 4.6 users who have a handle that proclaims themselves to be The Devil His Own Self.  Until Dorkness can find a new way to spell his name that someone else has not already taken, he's stuck with what he's got.

Dorkness still schemes for great acts of villainy and evil within the Inn, but his attempts to destroy and enslave all life have been derailed by the arrival of rival demons such as Lord Wootsayediditagyn and Lilith_123.  To avoid any confrontation with them LoD limits his activities to killing imaginary non-player characters, playing out terrible "romances" with M'Lady, giving terrible advice and kissing up to Lord Elf.

Although he is intelligent, he is held back by his dedication to be so good at being so bad, which only impresses adolescent goths.