Age: around 18
Character: Gun-toting mercenary tough guy
Other characters: Red Hot Duke, Anakin Skywalker, Sailor Moon

Ever since Duke stumbled upon Elf Only Inn, he has been a constant pain in Lord Elf's side.  As a modern pistol slinging action hero, His mere existence violates every single one of the many rules governing EOI. But every time Lord Elf has banned his handle, he has returned under a new one or managed to get reinstated somehow.

All Duke wants to do is have fun, and he has a lot of it.  He's a cigar chomping, tail chasing, gun toting, magnificent son of a *****, and even though he's not the brightest apple in the basket most everyone enjoys being around him more than Lord Elf.

Duke has an ambiguous relationship with Megan.  Although there was a time when he'd never say no to a lady, after watching her break up with Woot he is worried that they would never be able to work out their real life differences.