The Goths
Gothboi is the leader, because he acts like he is the smartest one.  Gothgrrl is the cute one, who uses her charms to lure people into her web where she sucks all the life out of them by whining and reading bad poetry and complaining about her parents.  Slave is. . . well. . . we don't know what the **** Slave is, but he likes Japanese pop music.

When the goths aren't talking about vampires and having gay "Ricean" vampire sex, they roam the chatrooms flopping and sighing and complaining about how much their lives suck in small font. . . if anyone is foolish enough to talk to these emotional vampires, they will bear the responsibility of talking them out of suicide because their parents told them to wash the dishes, or something.  For the most part, the Goths keep to their creepy vampire rooms.