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Hi! I'm Duke_Commando!

Welcome to my website:
Dark Elves Love Me!

I am well-liked by Dark Elves so I'm psyched (since lots of Dark Elves don't like lots of surface dwellers)!! I thought it'd be cool to honor my exceptional status with a killer website!!

I hope you think I'm as awesome as the Dark Elf community does!!

Check out these testimonials from my Dark Elf friends!
Duke always tells me that my red eyes are so cool because I don't have to have them blacked out when I get my pictures developed at the Photomart.
Duke tells me that I'm "pretty cool for an elf", which makes me feel better because if you have to be born an elf you might as well be a dark one.
Duke says it is cool that Dark Elves keep spiders as pets.  He says he has a pet spider too, but everyone knows that Dark Elves have the biggest spiders.

Duke always says: "I'm not racist; one of my best friends is a Dark Elf!" I think he might mean me!

Duke is generous enough to remark upon how "masculine" I am, for an elf! That makes me feel good!

Duke always says things that make me feel special, like: "You're so cool, you're different, you're not like other Dark Elves!"

Duke's always telling me to take my hood off because the sun looks good on my hair even though it burns my sensitive eyes and skin.  That's very sweet of him.

Duke says he likes me even though I am cog in the matriarchal engine of male oppression.

Duke keeps mistaking me for Drizzt Do'Urden!  That's cool because Drizzt is a bad ass!  RA SALVATORE ROOLZ!  DONT B A HATER!!!

Duke thinks my Megan impersonation is "hella funny", but I'm just yelling at him because he's annoying to me.

Duke is always asking me to express my frustration and anger at the predjudice Dark Elves face in the surface world. 

That pisses me off.

I'm not a Dark Elf but Duke keeps asking me to pretend to be one for him.  I might as well do it, since I have to fake everything else for him already.
Dark Elves courtesy of Liz Walsh at Tao of Geek
My High Elf friends just don't get it!!

Moron!  Dark Elves hate you!!

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